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Want to work with me? I’m currently scheduling my year out for comics, illustration, concept art (animation or games), and design! I would love to hear from you! Want to just say hi? Well, hi, and so long as you’re pleasant, I like completely out of the blue random mail, as well! 🙂

If you wish to see a list of my experience, feel free to download my resume here.

Please note that I will probably NOT answer unsolicited (you didn’t talk to me first about it somewhere else, i.e. in person, on some other social media,etc)  mailings about the following:

1)Any proposals that are unfunded/”on-spec“.

2)Requests to review/critique your original ideas. (I’m sure they’re all wonderful, just, I don’t do well when forced to review somebody else’s work…get to know me first, k?)

I am also available for consulting about a variety of traditional and digital art topics/techniques/instruction. Please contact me for more info. Thanks!